Is SLIMBY live yet?

SLIMBY is still in beta mode as we are still sourcing our prefab partners.

We hope to be up and running by August 2018.  In the meantime, feel free to register your interest on the Contact page and we'll keep you in touch.

Where will SLIMBY be available?

Initially we hope to deliver SLIMBYs in Auckland but we are open to looking at other areas.

Let us know where you are on the Contact page and we'll get in touch to discuss options.

Do I have to have strangers living in my backyard?

There are no strangers in the SLIMBY world - just Slimbists who haven't yet met!

SLIMBY will support many different relationships between hosts and residents.  It could be someone known to you such as a friend, or family member - perhaps a parent in retirement, or a son or daughter leaving the nest; or it could be an acquaintance, or someone not known to you.